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Join the Paddock Motor Club community and create memories that will last a lifetime



Welcome to the Paddock Motor Club, a unique community where automotive passions and special experiences meet.

The Paddock Motor Club is an exclusive, members-only club that brings together passionate individuals from all walks of life, offering unique bespoke products, services, and automotive experiences not available anywhere else.

Our state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility was designed specifically for you, the Paddock Motor Club community. From thrilling events to a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere, the Paddock Motor Club is your destination to relax, have fun, and be part of something truly unique.


There simply was no destination for real and true car enthusiasts to meet, tell their stories, learn from each other and make those bucket list dreams real!

The Paddock Motor Club was built in response to the shared deep culture that automotive history has created. After all, it exists in some of us as more than just a passing interest. We built it for you.

Learn more about our facility and some of the member experiences that await you. Download our brochure as a PDF, or view it interactively by selecting an image below.


The Paddock Motor Club is founded on four guiding principles, applicable to each aspect of our operations.



Everything we do is for the love of cars. It is that dedication that brings us here, and what makes our club so great and unique. By sharing that passion with each other, our community will continue to grow and create a positive environment for everyone.


Sense of Family

As members of the automotive community, we are all brothers and sisters. The basis for current and future aspirations, both inside and outside of the club, relies upon each of our members, staff, and families. We encourage members to share that passion to inspire the next generation of car enthusiasts.


Knowledge Sharing

Each of us has something to teach and something to learn, especially when it comes to automotive interests. The Paddock Motor Club is dedicated to helping its members expand their knowledge base through various information channels, classes and events. We facilitate and encourage each of our members to share their knowledge with the Paddock Motor Club community.



We rely on our members to help make the Paddock Motor Club the strongest it can be. The greater the involvement – whether it be event planning, bucket list suggestions, or general improvements – the better the club. We are always open to suggestions and consider each of our members a key pillar in its success.


  • This is the place I have been waiting for! It's everything I love about cars and racing and the people that live the dream! Dr. Robert Pacione

  • Absolutely beautiful! Every detail has been designed with the care and attention that only a true car lover could deliver. Pat Talente

  • The Paddock Motor Club delivered my bucket list dream! Thanks for a great F1 weekend! John Dattomo

  • The Autostrada Forum Magazine held a launch party at the Paddock Motor Club. It combined, food, ambiance, partner displays and live music. They even accommodated a helicopter inside! Everything and everyone was magnified by the great ambiance and service! Thanks for delivering a unique experience and making it a great event. Lucas Scarfone & Sean Patrick